Mavericka Jacket

Product code: 
Cow Action
  • Cow Hide Leather.
  • Front Zip Closure.
  • Comfort Collar.
  • Overlapping collar with snap closure.
  • Full ventilation; Front upper zipper air vents and one back zipper air vent with perforated leather.
  • Front zip coin pocket.
  • Two side zipper pockets.
  • Zippered wrist cuffs with snap closure.
  • Padded Elbows.
  • Padded back unique design.
  • Zippered back vent with perforated leather.
  • Adjustable bottom with buckle.
  • Spandex on side back and bottom back.
  • Mesh lining with screen print for good ventilation.
Available colors:
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • XXXL